Taiwan Tour 2018

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29 Aug 2018


Samsung Onion Plucking                                                                                  Make the spring onion pancake with CARE!!


 Mission accomplished - proudly presented by Group 5                                                 Gorgeous smiles to melt your heart


I made the world most delicious spring onion pancake                                 Winner of the spring onion pancake competition!


F1 race in a fun way                                                                                           Stunning view with lovely mates


Overtake while the front car driver is selfieing                                                  Beni in rainbow theme


Making pineapple tart is soooo fun....                                                              Paradise of snack lover, Yummy!


A team of Pineapple Tart Mascot?                                                                     Mr. Pineapple tart and his girlfriends


Hi from Yehliu Geopark                                                                                      The sun, the sea, the happy faces    



Beauties spotted at Shifen waterfall


Cozy lunch at Jiufen old street 




Sky lanterns, may all our dreams come true

Goodbye Taiwan, see you next time!



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