Beni Chinese New Year Celebration 2015

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02 May 2015

Beni Chinese New Year Celebration 2015 (28 February 2015) 


                                 Photo Booth Fun Time                                                                                                     Yu Sheng


                                     Photo Booth Moment                                                                                     Our Ballroom


                                          Photo Booth Moment                                                                                         Photo Booth Moment

1st Price Lucky Draw Winner 2nd Lucky Draw Winner

                                  1st Lucky Draw Winner                                                                                              2nd Lucky Draw Winner

3rd Lucky Draw Winner 

                                    3rd Lucky Draw Winner                                                                                       1st Guest Lucky Draw Winner


                                2nd Guest Lucky Draw Winner                                                                                3rd Guest Lucky Draw Winner


                                                                                                   Beni Got Talent's Top 3 Trophies


             Opening Song by our GM ~ Song title: Beni Story                                                          Beni Got Talent's Top 3 Contestants 


                                    Beni Got Talent's 1st Winner                                                                          Beni Got Talent's 2nd Winner    


                                Beni Got Talent's 3rd Winner                                                                                 Beni Got Talent's 4th Winner    


                                  Beni Got Talent's 5th Winner                                                                                  Beni Got Talent's 6th Winner    


                              Beni Got Talent's 7th Winner                                                                       Happy Birthday to February Born Babies


                                                                                         Group Photo Taking ~ HUAT AHHH !!!

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